Bradley Corporation

Creating an improved visitor and employee experience

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Bradley Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of commercial plumbing products, recently underwent a headquarters renovation project. The goal of the project was to create an experience that represents the company’s brand throughout the visitor path of travel, while improving the workplace experience.

Kahler Slater began by providing an assessment of the current visitor path of travel to product showrooms and explored opportunities to provide a much needed employee gathering space. A new lobby, employee commons and library were designed and environmental graphics were created to enhance these spaces and the "tour route." The lobby transformation brought the connection between the company's water-based products to the forefront through the use of an enclosed water wall. A new orientation for the reception function along with new seating, shelving for awards and digital media enhance the experience and solve long-standing comfort and clutter issues in the lobby. The employee commons affords the organization the opportunity to blend the needs of office and factory workers into one seamless gathering, meeting and entertainment space. Digital media offers a variety of options for communicating and inspirational quotes remind employees of the organization's cultural values. Activity zones for dining, quiet reflection in the library and more fun-focused gaming areas offer employees substantial options for interaction and collaboration. The travel path for the numerous visitors is now defined by new finishes and graphic elements. In the elevator waiting area, bold graphics celebrate the company's bedrock, iconic product; the wash fountain, while other elements offer opportunities to communicate company history and showcase product with flexible digital signage and fixed illustrations. A Nevelson-inspired wall sculpture, using only Bradley products, adds a memorable element to the tour path.

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