Miller Brewing Company

Designing a Fun Environment to Attract, Inspire and Retain Great Talent

Chicago, Illinois

Not every company can use beer as a workplace design motif to attract and keep great talent. But when the goal is to become “America’s Best Beer Company,” great beer is the obvious thematic choice. Miller Brewing Co. selected their Chicago sales and marketing office as the location for a workplace design prototype that could be adopted by all its other offices. Miller’s objective was to create a space to encourage innovative business thinking and creativity around the fun of its primary product.

Miller’s vision was to offer visitors and high-potential employees an energetic work environment, a collaborative culture and the opportunity to be emotionally connected with the long heritage of Miller as the country’s leading beer maker. So every detail of the sales and marketing office would be unabashedly beer and the good times that go with it. Kahler Slater enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to make their vision manifest. From the minute visitors walk into the office, they face a bubble wall that looks like beer. Bubbles on the carpet encourage the feeling that they are walking not into an office but into a glass of beer. And, naturally, a real bar where Miller products are served is prominently placed in the center of all the action. Work stations are flexible to accommodate both collaboration and the privacy necessary for heads-down work. Team gathering spaces and small nooks for impromptu meetings reinforce support Miller’s focus on working together–and fun.

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