Reader’s Digest

Milwaukee, WI

Reader’s Digest Association was looking forward to the opportunity to transform their office culture in a new, fresh space with a move to Milwaukee. The organization wanted to shed the culture instilled by previous ownership and their legacy space. The goal of the new office was to establish a more forward thinking culture, increase collaboration and openness, leading to more fun, visible energy and innovation. The space also needed to be a reflection of their brand − classic and timeless, but refreshed and relevant.

The project location for Reader's Digest was changed at the last minute while the team was in the midst of designing their new space. The project schedule had zero flexibility. Kahler Slater delivered, quickly switching gears from the first location to planning and designing a new space. The final location is a 48,400 square foot space located at Schlitz Park in downtown Milwaukee.

To add to the complexity of the project, Reader's Digest's program in the new space included building three new test kitchens and a large, fully capable photography studio. Kahler Slater's collaboration with the engineers and contractors helped to ensure functioning kitchens in time for Reader's Digest's first day of business. The end result was a successful space that was within budget, delivered on a demanding schedule and transforms their office culture to reflect the forward-looking brand.

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