Green City Market
Identity & Branding

Spotlighting sustainably grown local food at Chicago's largest market

Chicago, Illinois

Green City Market is Chicago’s only year-round farmers’ market promoting local, sustainable farmers, producers and chefs by connecting them to the public through educational programming and special events. During their 12 year history, the market had not maintained consistent branding and communications. To stand out among Chicago’s other various farmers’ markets and to promote their local sustainably-grown food based education programs, Green City Market enlisted Kahler Slater to design a communications system that markets all of the unique educational programs and amenities that the market has to offer.

The challenge was to create a consistent look that sparks immediate brand recognition and balances the informality of a farmers' market and the professionalism of great educational programs, while not appearing too corporate. The design team took the Green City Market board of directors through a unique process that drew out creative ideas and built consensus among an extremely diverse group from various backgrounds, including chefs, farmers, restaurateurs, business people and philanthropists. The logo is designed to be an ambiguous, organic bulb in the process of growing, contrasted against an urban type face, representing the growth and unique contrast of a sustainable farmers' market in the big city. The design team continues to work on signage, marketing collateral and other communications pieces.

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