Columbia St. Mary's
Women's Imaging Center

Creating calming imaging experiences.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The new location of the Van Dyke Haebler Imaging Center positions Columbia St. Mary’s as the premier service provider for Women’s Imaging in Southeastern Wisconsin. As a component of a new CSM Women’s Hospital, the project serves as a catalyst for rebranding the existing facility.

The Center provides Diagnostic Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Stereotactic Biopsy and Bone Density Scan rooms for an exclusively women's outpatient population. Services for Perinatal Ultrasound and MRI are provided in adjacent spaces and continue the beautiful, subdued experience for a broader patient population. Kahler Slater worked closely with the client to create a nature-infused, calm setting meant to put clients at ease. Custom etched glass which replicates floral patterns in the suite greets patients at the entrance door and lobby. Athough windowless, the suite remains connected to the outdoors through nature-inspired elements. Subdued and decorative features were integrated into the design to support the quiet, calm atmosphere at the center. Traditional design elements, including dark woods and furnishings, were blended with the more modern design of the hospital to create a home-like setting, key to making all clients feel comfortable.

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