National University Hospital
Centre for Oral Health Feasibility Study

Planning for World-Class Dental Education


Kahler Slater partnered with Singaporean firm, CIAP,  to create a masterplan for with the National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH) in order to position the campus as an international, world-class academic medical and dental institution. Kahler Slater’s first assignment was to complete a comprehensive strategic master plan for the entire campus, including an 1,100-bed hospital, support services space, outpatient medical centre and a Centre for Oral Health.

Once completed, Kahler Slater provided a more focused master plan and site feasibility study services including revised programming, site planning and concept design for the new Centre for Oral Health. Part of the study also included the relocation of support services and central utility plant to free up the site for dental school. As part of the process, Kahler Slater hosted NUH Faculty of Dentistry on benchmarking tours of leading United States dental schools. Kahler Slater also conducted a visioning workshop with the Faculty of Dentistry in order to provide them with a recommended schedule of accommodation (functional program) for their new dental school.

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