University of Wisconsin-Madison
North Park Street Office Building

Utilizing collaboration to create efficient, expandable office space

Madison, Wisconsin

Located in an urban setting on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s East Campus, the North Park Street Office Building welcomes all who enter into the University’s campus. The office building provides much-needed space to bring together six different UW-Madison administrative departments, which previously were distributed throughout the campus.

A new two-story visitor’s center serves as a gateway to the northern end of campus. Interior finishes were selected for the visitor’s center to complement the UW-Madison school colors and to highlight displays for the University and the community of Madison. Natural day lighting and warm, inviting interior finishes have been incorporated in the office areas. The interior design focused on re-establishing office standards, incorporating more collaborative work spaces for all departments and allowing for future expansion. The exterior design was derived from the University’s plan to create a more collegiate appearance for the East Campus and, therefore, makes reference to historical elements found on other existing campus buildings.

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