Hotel Mediteran Montenegro

Montenegro resort prepares to open its doors to the western world

Ulcinj, Montenegro

International adventurers keen on discovering an affordable destination will soon be landing in Montenegro, the historic Southeastern European country on the Adriatic Sea. Named by The New York Times as one of 31 Places to Go in 2010, Montenegro is ready to open its doors to the world after decades of hosting only Eastern European vacationers behind the Iron Curtain.

The Hotel Mediteran has been working with Kahler Slater to transform this beach resort into the premier social and hospitality center for Ulcinj residents and world travelers alike. Kahler Slater’s hotel design team has worked closely with the owners to dream about and design the ideal guest experience for the property. The team has completed master planning and design concepts for modernizing the hotel’s appearance and offerings, including condominiums and retail space. All design work takes advantage of the amazing views and beautiful grounds.

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