Identity & Branding

Creating an integrated experience for a high-energy restaurant

Boulder, Colorado

Bimbamboo was the brainchild of a visionary entrepreneur who wanted to create a restaurant that was energetic and fresh with a strong brand identity that could be reproduced in future locations. Descriptors such as convivial, hospitable and community-spirited were established during an initial Visioning Session, led by the Kahler Slater design team. These words, and a set of project drivers, drove the design from inception through construction and ultimately influenced all levels of the customer’s experience. Our design for Bimbamboo went beyond the physical place, with our team developing the name of the restaurant, the logo, website, menu and many customer touchpoints.

The overall design intent was very playful, using vivid colors that glow at night and exotic bamboo and acrylic materials, including realistic grass-looking tile on the bathroom floors and abstracted bamboo stalks supporting a central, communal table. A mostly open kitchen allows guests to experience the authentic energy of the restaurant as chefs face customers and waiters run along the open counter for their various needs. Even the name, Bimbamboo, is an energetic, playful take on the Asian-inspired menu offerings. It is as fun to say as the restaurant is to visit.

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Project Awards

  • “Silver Award,” Wisconsin Chapter American Society of Interior Design, 2008
  • “Top 100 Movers and Shakers,” (ranked #44), Fast Casual Magazine, 2008

Retail & Mixed-Use Portfolio