Proud Member of the Planetree Visionary Design Network

Planetree Visionary Design NetworkKahler Slater is proud to be one of only seven firms internationally accepted as a member of the Planetree Visionary Design Network. This certification establishes Kahler Slater as a specialist in evidence-based health care design that follows the Planetree values of patient-centered healing design. These values include such things as welcoming a patient’s family and friends, valuing human beings over technology, enabling patients to fully participate as care partners and fostering a connection to nature and beauty.

We believe that a health care facility is more than a building. It is a place where paths cross between the brightest care givers and those in need of care. It is a place where fear meets hope, technology meets humanity and sickness finds healing. It is an intersection of life. At this intersection, we create more than buildings, we design healing experiences.

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