Summer Spotlight: My Kahler Slater Internship by Brooke Welsh


This summer I was fortunate enough to be a part of an internship opportunity at architecture and design firm, Kahler Slater. I have always wished to pursue my passions for photography and wanted to find a company that would allow me to do so and Kahler Slater did just that. Less than a month out of high school I joined the company eager to learn and apply my skills in a professional environment.

Soon, I will start a new chapter of my life: college. There I will work towards studying to earn a degree and eventually graduate and start my journey in the real world.  Like most freshman, I am not 100% decided on my major (and I still am not!) but Kahler Slater has helped me explore my talents and given me a better understanding of what I hope to do someday.

One of my major passions is photography and Kahler Slater put me on projects where I could use this skill and study those who work with graphics. I had the chance to photograph impressive buildings for which Kahler Slater designed. I also photographed many of the fun company events including the NEWaukee Night Markets. From there, I worked with the social media team on the content we should post to share with the public.

When I wasn’t taking photos, or sitting in on meetings, I did lots of research. The research taught me how much detail architecture companies look at during their design process and how new technology can be used to simplify designs.

The highlight of my experience was being able to sit in on a photoshoot of a building Kahler Slater is renovating, The Grand Theater, which will be the new home for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I was in awe with the vision the team had in not only keeping the historic beauty of the building but also making it a space Milwaukee could enjoy again.  I was always kept busy learning new things and on top of that, having fun. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity. Not all students my age get to experience an internship as great as mine was!