Designed to reflect the organization’s vision of becoming the most admired company in the market

Eaton Corporation

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Best Public/Private Partnership, Second Place: Milwaukee Biz Times Commercial Real Estate Awards

Eaton Corporation, a global technology leader in electrical systems and power management solutions, had found that their facility was inhibiting their ability to attract and retain the top talent. They decided it was time to relocate and use a new building project as an opportunity to better impact the organization, create a more efficient work space and design an environment that could be used as a strategic tool to recruit the best.

The new 110,000-square-foot building was designed to increase efficiencies and employee collaboration. A reduction in individual work spaces was offset by an increased amount of communal and small impromptu meeting spaces to further increase efficiencies and employee collaboration. Glass-walled electrical rooms show off the equipment used to run the facility, offering an opportunity to showcase their own product in use. Environmental branding throughout the facility offers additional opportunities for Eaton to tell their success stories, market their products and celebrate their company's rich history.

One of the key project drivers was to create a building with a strong sustainable design, to reflect Eaton’s culture and mission to provide sustainable power management solutions for their customers. Eaton Corporation is LEED Certified.