Sharing the multifaceted story of how Astellas is changing tomorrow

Astellas Pharma US

Northbrook, Illinois

Astellas Pharma US, Inc. is an R&D-driven global pharmaceutical company who improves lives through innovative and effective medicines. When Astellas opened a new US headquarters, the opportunity arose to share their story and build employee engagement in their brand. Kahler Slater was brought on board to design a two-story triptych which showcases to guests in the conference center the breadth of Astellas’ business and global impact.

The massive wallscape is divided into smaller “storytelling cells.” These cells communicate Astellas’ philosophy, history, critical products, office locations and leading research. With each cell communicating a unique message, the design solution varied from backlit images, to digital displays, to magnetic graphics, to relief sculptures. The center portion of the triptych declares Astellas’ purpose, “Changing Tomorrow,” through large-scale dimensional letters.  Below this typography exists a band of digital displays. These displays artfully showcase the breadth, diversity and richness of life. 

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Easy-to-change magnetic graphics communicate patient stories.