Health PEI
Behavioral Health Master Plan

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Struggling to combat the second highest levels of unemployment and food insecurity in Canada, Health PEI is charged with serving as the critical linchpin for behavioral health and addictions programming in Canada’s most rural province. This challenge is further exacerbated by a single payer model where budgets are fixed while demand for services can vary significantly. With buildings that date back as far as 1934 and a model of care no longer considered appropriate, Health PEI needed to rethink how to best meet the behavioral health and addictions needs of their community while struggling with limited financial resources, infrastructure well past its useful life, physician recruiting challenges, and a culture resistant to change.

Our team led a deep dive into the current state of behavioral health care across PEI. Blending quantitative data with ethnographic research and journey mapping, we developed and a shared a point of view to which the team was aligned. While Health PEI had imagined this challenge could be solved through a facilities master plan, it quickly became apparent that an overhaul of the model of care would be required. An interdisciplinary team of providers, community partners, behavioral health consumers, and health system leaders partnered to co-create solutions tied to their definitions of performance and value.

A comprehensive master plan for behavioral health care across PEI was developed that would result in providing a better model of care. Incorporating strategic, operational, digital, experiential, and workforce components, the master plan included the built environment solutions that would be necessary to support the proposed evolution of the health system. The solutions co-created for Health PEI have been designed to yield the following results:

  • 3 days from referral to evaluation for all clients in the community setting
  • >50 net promotor score (measure of satisfaction and loyalty)
  • 4 hours from presentation to disposition for clients presenting to the emergency room
  • Top quartile in satisfaction scores