How Design Plays a Role in Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Manuel Hernandez, MD, MS, MBA, FACEP, CPE

“As a practicing emergency physician and designer, I straddle the world of healthcare in a way few others do. One day my Kahler Slater colleagues and I are helping a client to solve a vexing design challenge. The next day, I'm at the bedside working with a team of providers living in a world where resources are scarce, patients never stop coming, and lives are on the line every moment of every day. I live for the challenges and work to iterate the solutions.”

Dr. Hernandez lives and breathes healthcare as a practicing emergency physician and a healthcare design professional at Kahler Slater. He recently shared his perspective with Healthcare Design on how design plays a role in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Read the full story here, originally published on Healthcare Design Magazine.