Kahler Slater Shares Powerful Ambulatory Care Results at WHA Conference

During our presentation with Essentia Health on Team Based Transformation, we shared the following 5 Lessons Learned from our collaborative process:

  1. Conduct research prior to the project.
  2. Facilitate Visioning activity to build consensus from leadership throughout all levels of organization.
  3. Understand that strong vision drives a project toward its goal.
  4. Appreciate importance of having a seamless, collaborative design and construction team.
  5. Bring cost analysis to leadership to inform decision making.

Further, we shared the following results which we were able to achieve at Essentia Health’s Spooner Clinic that led to increases in operational efficiency and improvements in provider and patient experience:

  1. 75% fewer staff footsteps
  2. Provider/exam room ratio reduced from 3:1 to 2:1 while increasing patient panel size
  3. Square feet per provider reduced by 20

What is the current state of your ambulatory care facility? Are there opportunities for advancements?

Kahler Slater can help you design the ideal space to deliver care in ambulatory environments.

Contact Eric Mayne, AIA at emayne@kahlerslater.com, to talk about how we can help you achieve this.