From “Kicking and Screaming” to “One Big Happy Family”

Martha Jefferson Hospital Surgical Interventional Procedural Center Whitepaper

Kahler Slater interviewed Martha Jefferson Hospital’s (MJH) procedural center clinical leaders to understand what it took on their part to successfully operationalize a new concept in procedural care, something MJH executive leadership understood would be the right direction for the future of their new replacement hospital campus. The paper outlines the MJH SIPC process – including planning and design, staff engagement, staff training, and post-occupancy refinements – and the benefits it has brought. Key to success were dedicated IT staff to aid in procedural process mapping within the EHR and patient tracking system, consolidated team collaboration across the former 8 distinct departments and a review of the pre-procedural process. Martha Jefferson has realized dramatically reduced procedural room turnover times and SIPC staff overtime, as well as increased on time starts.