Employing Rapid Prototyping in Singapore

Rapid prototyping is helping National University Hospital, an academic medical center in Singapore, accelerate a strategy to redesign their medical school curriculum to emphasize interactive, hands-on learning and enhance the patient and physician experience.

Kahler Slater constructed a full-scale mock-up for rapid prototyping of design options for consult (exam) rooms. Over the course of 10 days, students, physicians, nurses, administration, and other hospital staff visited the mock-up space which had been constructed at the existing hospital and outfitted with furniture and equipment. Participants evaluated location and size of doors, a desk, chairs, a sink, computer monitors, a patient couch and other features. Patients “models” were brought in and out of the doorways on stretchers and furniture was moved to test numerous layout possibilities. An innovative “teaching hub” for real-time learning was also mocked-up and tested through rapid prototyping.

Read an article about this research project from the June 2010 issue of Healthcare Design Magazine, “Applying the EDAC process to a clinical education environment”