Where Do You Begin?

Now is the time to think differently about healthcare. History has shown us that crisis can cause fundamental shifts in beliefs and behaviors, which pave the way for new ways of working, new care models, and new expectations. The ability to act, innovate, and execute at scale and speed will be critical, as will finding the balance between what has worked before and what needs to change now.

Unprecedented Disruption...

Earlier this year everything we knew about healthcare changed. The elective procedures that subsidized much of our operations grounded to a halt. The national unemployment rate increased four-fold, robbing millions of their financial security, and their health insurance. Hospitals and health systems invested tens of millions of dollars to protect patients and staff from illness as they stepped up in heroic ways to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

Has Changed The Way We Think About Healthcare...

  • COVID-19 has created a need to rationalize services during recovery
  • Telehealth has been proven and there is no going back
  • Risk-averse consumers are seeking out-of-hospital and/or at-home solutions
  • Work-from-home models have proven to be more successful than we thought possible
  • Another wave of health system consolidations and closures is coming

Which Raises A Lot Of Questions On Your Part...

  • Do your pre-COVID planning assumptions still apply?
  • How do you get back to the next normal as quickly as possible, while keeping safety and quality first?
  • How do you design for the future in a COVID world?
  • How do you better leverage existing capacity before bringing new capacity on-line?
  • How do you reassure consumers and staff that healthcare environments are and will continue to be safe?
  • What does allowing staff members to work from home mean for future workplace needs?