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Market & Capacity Rationalization Planning

Forecasting That Puts You In Control

By overlaying our expertise in scenario planning, knowledge of past economic recovery patterns, facility planning requirements, and strategy, we deliver actionable information to make immediate capital planning decisions and to revisit your pre-pandemic capital plans.

You Can’t Project Tomorrow’s Demand Using Yesterday’s Tools.

The volume projections you developed even a few months ago are already obsolete. Most forecasting tools have not yet caught up with the effects of tele-health revolution, consumer hesitancy to seek care, and the price sensitivity tied to a recession All of this is changing when, how, where, if and when consumers seek out healthcare services.

Essential Insights Into Your Future-State Planning Initiatives

  • Revised Market and Organizational Demand Forecast
  • Economic Recovery Scenario Demand Impacts
  • Revised Key Room Projections
  • Site-of-Service Planning

Actionable Information to Help You Avoid Costly Planning Missteps

  • Scenario Planning For Economic Recovery
  • Redeploy Budgeted Capital Based On Projected Demand
  • Better Match Service Location With Demand