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Infection Control Facility Assessment

Germophobes Unite!

In a recent survey, over 40% of patients surveyed indicated that they did not seek needed healthcare because they were afraid of contracting COIVD-19 while in a healthcare facility.

Most facilities had to piecemeal together solutions to ready their facilities in response to a pandemic. This was not the first time we had to do it and it certainly won’t be the last.

Take the steps necessary to prepare you for the next pandemic, the next flu season or the next outbreak of an avoidable healthcare-associated infection.

Actionable Information to Identify and Respond to Facility-Based Gaps in Infection Control

  • Infection control gap assessment at the department or facility level based on current facility design guidelines
  • Recommendations on facility and technology-based solutions to help respond to identified infection control opportunities
  • Facility and technology-based infection control response implementation roadmap based on your budget and objectives

Solutions that Can Yield Powerful Infection Control Results

  • Reduced hospital-acquired infections translate into less patient harm, shorter lengths of stay and enhanced value-based purchasing performance
  • Address consumer perceptions regarding cleanliness / safety
  • Enhance staff engagement and satisfaction by demonstrating you on-going commitment to their safety