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Pandemic & Surge Flow Modeling

Divide. Conquer. Reassure.

Today it’s risk from aerosolized pathogens. Tomorrow it’s risk from contact. Next month it might be something different. How do you move people and objects through your buildings safely?

Every intersection of contagious and non-contagious flows represents risk. You need solutions to protect your patients, visitors and staff.

Our expertise in healthcare facilities, lean and simulation modeling, among other innovation methodologies can help you explore how to maintain “normal” operations during pandemic and surge responses.

Actionable Information to Help Guide Pandemic and Surge Response

  • Segregate patient, visitor, staff and logistical flows
  • Identify intersection of flows that represent real or perceived risk
  • Explore how to minimize contact between contagious and non-contagious flows during pandemic response situations
  • Consider how to improve flows during surge situations

Strategies to Develop Operational Flexibility to Proactively Adapt to Multiple Scenarios

  • Maintain revenue-generating services separate from pandemic response activities
  • Proactively address potential challenges identified now and model potential solutions with data-driven results
  • Avoid unnecessary capital expenses by optimizing what you have before investing in new assets and environments