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PPE Demand Modeling Tool

Have What You Need, When You Need It.

We all saw the “CNN and Fox News moments” where healthcare providers stood in front of the cameras and shared their concerns about the availability of critically-needed PPE. And most of experienced reductions or all-out halting of elective services, in part to protect PPE stockpiles.

To reassure patients, staff, emergency response agencies and your communities you need information. Kahler Slater is here to help.

Actionable Information on PPE Resources to Help You Prepare for What Lies Ahead

  • Real-time information on where you stand regarding your PPE supply
  • Days on had information based on multiple PPE demand curves associated with infectious patient and elective services volumes
  • Scenario planning to identify near-term elective services capacity based on projected infectious patient volumes and PPE par levels

Solutions that Put You In Control of Proactive PPE Utilization and Planning

  • Balance infectious surge needs with elective PPE use to avoid all-or-nothing approaches to maintaining elective services
  • Avoid reaching supply levels that require high-cost “panic buying” and overly conservative PPE supply hoarding
  • Enhance staff engagement and satisfaction by demonstrating you ongoing commitment to their safety