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For nearly two years, Kahler Slater was a regular contributor to the Leadership Forum. Our Kahler Slater authors, along with some great guest contributors, covered an important topic: design as a business imperative.

It’s Time To Bring Design Thinking Down From On High

In a now-classic TED Talk on design thinking, Tim Brown, president and CEO of the global design firm IDEO, proclaims that leaders must take a more expansive view of design. Design, says Brown, can no longer be a construct of a professional “priesthood,” a society of designers who, when given an assignment, disappear into a back room and “bring the result out under a black sheet and present it to the client.”

Innovation And Workplace Design: Beware These 4 Magic Bullets

Every year, the Conference Board asks CEOs, presidents, and chairmen across the globe to identify their most critical challenges for the coming year. In the CEO Challenge 2013, innovation is front and center.

Surprised? Surely not.

Leverage The Attention Economy At Your Place

Do you hear that sound? Sure you do.

It’s the din of businesses selling in a hypercompetitive 24/7 marketplace. Today, via websites, blogs, social media, direct mail, trade shows, and countless more channels, companies (yes, ours included) are selling their products and services nonstop—and noisily.

Good Design Is Good Business. Just Ask Morningstar.

A recent Fast Company article (for my part, a must-read for senior leaders) creates a compelling case on “Why Good Design Is Finally A Good Bottom Line Investment.” But how many businesses today, particularly service businesses, are leveraging design as a decisive advantage? Truth is, even with Apple’s rise and an increasing number of design disciples, not many.

Four Steps for Measuring Workplace Design Investments

This post is co-authored with my friend and colleague Michael O’Neill, Ph.D., senior director of workplace research at Knoll, Inc., a leading designer of workplace furnishings. In his work at Knoll, Mike investigates the link between workspace design

Attracting Millennial Talent: What Colleges Know…and Employers Should Find Out

Recently, Universum, a global employer-branding group, released the findings from their annual Ideal Employer Student Survey. More than 65,000 students from some 320 universities participated in the survey, ultimately resulting in the U.S. Universum Top