Design Solves:

Attracting quality tenants
Increased occupancy levels
Providing a return on investment
Retaining long-term renters

The places we call home are required to flex and adapt to our needs as we simultaneously live, work, learn and play. Personalized amenities and connection to the outdoors are no longer simply desirable—they are necessary for the well-being of residents.

From garden style apartments to residential towers, luxury rentals to affordable housing, we bring our clients vision to reality. Together, we set, measure, and achieve design goals.


Ethan Skeels, AIA
Associate Principal, Architect
Evelyn Freimann, AIA, WELL AP
Associate Principal, Project Leader
Mike Nelson, AIA
Associate Principal, Project Leader
Marshall Butler
Associate Principal, Senior Project Leader
Dan Causier, AIA
Associate, Designer
Joel Koeppen, AIA
Associate, Designer
Peter Bissen, RA
Associate, Project Architect
Joe Stefanich, AIA
Associate, Architect
Ryan Pliska
Associate, Project Specialist
Brad Peterson, Associate AIA
Associate, Project Specialist
Bill Noelck
Associate, Project Specialist
Jennifer Schreiber
Associate, Senior Marketing Coordinator