Holy Redeemer Health System

Holy Redeemer Health System Expands to Offer Unique Patient Care to All

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Holy Redeemer Health System (HRHS) offers a state-of-the-art, patient-centered facility that delivers a unique, comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone served. HRHS has been developed approximately 20,000 square feet within the Rothman Specialty Hospital located in Bensalem, Penn. The intention of the project was to develop a new Holy Redeemer Outpatient Experience, which has been successfully brought to life.

The Bensalem facility is the first Experience developed in an initiative toward organization-wide transformation into delivering world-class experiences for their patients, families, physicians and employee team. The facility design supports the new operational model of care. Interior spaces flow seamlessly between practice areas to give patients and families the opportunities to experience many amenities and positive features to make their experience more enjoyable. The design incorporates extensive use of color, texture, light inspired by natural themes and the act of storytelling. Staff "off stage" spaces and entry are separated from public "on stage" areas. This concept and other amenities hope to create an ideal staff experience, as well.

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