Specialized services close to home

Children's Wisconsin
Appleton Clinic

Appleton, Wisconsin

Bringing pediatric specialty care closer to home in Northeastern Wisconsin, a new 54,000-square-foot destination center supports multidisciplinary care models, rehabilitation, child advocacy, and diagnostic services. 

180-square-foot multidisciplinary care exams allow for specialty treatments to occur within the room reducing number of moves for patients and families. Leveraging play, a large pediatric rehab gym includes a fort, climbing wall, swings, and adaptive equipment to make rehabilitation fun. The Child Advocacy Center used trauma-informed-design to create a safe and healing environment for the community's most vulnerable. 

This destination enhances the care of over 60 specialty providers and creates a child friendly environment that puts kids at ease. 

“Children’s Wisconsin provides health care to all kids who need the specialized services in a way only Children’s Wisconsin can. This new location will allow us to expand existing services and add new specialties. Expanding services at locations that are closer to where families live supports our efforts to provide more personalized and integrated care.”

Gail Ostrander, Vice President of Northeast Regional Services, Children’s Wisconsin