Lunch N' Lou

Kahler Slater Traditions

Social Stuff & Perks

We know that you can't forget the fun stuff either. (We learn best when we are having fun!) We have had many fun events over the years (ice skating, sumo wrestling, Friday the 13th parties, etc.), regular celebrations of success, and several sports teams. We also sponsor design discussion groups, various design, technical, business and vendor lunches, a holiday party, summer picnic, and all-staff retreats.

We have a prime location in downtown Milwaukee on the Milwaukee River and a coveted spot on the Capitol square in Madison.  Both offices are on transit lines and are convenient to bike to work.  In Milwaukee we further extend the Kahler Slater experience aboard the S.S. Enterprise which is docked right outside of our door.


What's an @4? It's whatever we want it to be! As long as it takes place at 4pm (in our time zone, or someone else's) and there are libations and something to nosh, you can count on people dropping what they are doing and joining in. 

We've been known to partake in Friday the 13th celebrations, sumo wrestling exhibitions, impromptu boat rides and office equipment Olympics.  Sometimes it's part of toasting a big project win. Sometimes it's commiserating over a shared disappointment. Regardless, we'll find a way to laugh.