BMO Tower

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kahler Slater continues to be at the forefront in the development of the next generation of workplaces in the region. The 25-story BMO Tower was designed to deliver an unrivaled business environment in the heart of the central business district. Careful engineering and coordination led to a column free floorplate.

Rising from the footprint of a former parking structure, the BMO Tower is designed as a contemporary work of architecture that reinforces Milwaukee's historic financial center. The all-glass tower has a two-part massing to relate it to its context and emphasize its verticality. The tower has a tightly radiused corner to reflect and preserve vistas of Milwaukee's iconic City Hall.

The podium roof levels provide multiple opportunities for tenant terraces and is clad with metal panels and sections of translucent glazing to mask the cars inside. The development supports the pedestrian and streetcar experience with ground-floor retail spaces and high-quality details at the street level. The building reinvigorates the neighborhood with new streetscaping and an articulated civic plaza in front of the building.