Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Irgens is a commercial real estate developer that provides development, property management, and consulting services to commercial and healthcare clients nationwide. Having outgrown the previous headquarters, the time was right to relocate to their award-winning building 833 East. Irgens’ desired outcome was a signature space that would communicate their elevated market position, and contributions to the Milwaukee development community.

Irgens’ new 16,112 square foot office is featured prominently off the 4th floor public lobby at 833 East. Guests are greeted in a large reception area that is designed to act as an interactive, museum-like display of their capabilities and services. A large, freestanding digital display is designed to be seen from a skywalk across the building and can be easily customized to reflect current projects and events.

Irgens wanted their space to honor the architecture of the building with minimalistic, airy interiors. Monolithic expanses of luxurious material such as the eucalyptus wood and marble allow finishes to compliment, without cluttering the views out of the building. A generous corridor stems from reception and gives a shotgun view to expansive Lake Michigan. The end of the corridor spills into the work café, which was located at the end of the corridor so the employees could enjoy an area of refuge away from individual workspaces. Broad views of Lake Michigan give visual and physical connections to nature, and the attached balcony gives staff the opportunity to step outside throughout the day.

In the open office, every workstation is equipped with a sit to stand worksurface. It was important to Irgens that staff have the best in flexibility and comfort. An additional wellness consideration was placing most of the conference rooms near the front of the space. This promotes movement and provides a welcome separation between the noise of large meetings and the heads down work of the open office.

Powerful Results


2017 ASID Wisconsin Gold Award