Richardson, Texas

Samsung Telecommunications America - Richardson, Texas, is a hub of design, planning and marketing for Samsung’s Mobile US product division. The Texas facilities were not aligned with the contemporary brand and a large expansion project offered an opportunity to create an integrated interior design solution. Establishing a branded and consistent design approach of the workspace in Richardson initiated a design vocabulary that has been extended across other U.S. offices. The new Richardson office space was designed to support teamwork as well as individual work, offering ample private spaces for concentration. A new division training center was developed to expand employee development and leadership training.

The integration of branding elements into the design was the result of design collaborations with members of the Kahler Slater and client teams. A new national security control center and relocation of the marketing team were completed in Richardson, along with several team relocations and remodeling to accommodate rapid growth. The new contemporary brand expression offers a consistent representation of the company across multiple buildings in Texas, and subsequently Bellevue, Overland Park, and Bridgewater.