Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Zywave is a rapidly growing technology firm that develops software solutions for clients in the insurance industry. With looming space needs and the continued goal of recruiting top talent, they brought in Kahler Slater to communicate their “work hard, play hard” culture through design. Zywave prides themselves on innovation and wanted to create a corporate headquarters that would be “the house in the neighborhood where the kids didn’t want to leave.” The result emphasizes collaboration and workstyle choice in an open and flexible environment.

Visitors to the 73,726-square-foot space are greeted by a two-story galvanized staircase, which is both a functional and visual representation of the company’s passion for connectivity. Polished concrete floors, exposed ceilings, glass walls and branded colors add to the youthful and modern feel. Special attention was paid to window sightlines for giving maximum access to daylight. The employee experience includes modern sit/stand workstations that are supported by enclosed and open collaborative spaces of various sizes. Amenities include multiple cafes for refreshment and community, an outdoor patio with fire pit, a game room, employee showers, a large lunchroom and even a fully stocked whiskey bar.

Named Milwaukee’s Coolest Office: Milwaukee Business Journal, 2017
“The new headquarters is helping the company maintain its 'work hard, play hard culture. It drives results.'”

David O’Brien, CEO, Zywave

“The office has been extremely beneficial in our recruiting process. We recruit nationwide and the majority of visitors to our office are candidates. Not only are they impressed by the physical office space and amenities, they can actually feel the excitement of each work area. Allowing candidates to observe our culture and observing their reactions results in better hiring decisions.”

Liz Brooks, Director of Human Resources, Zywave

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