Connecting employees and the students they serve

Career Education Corporation

Schaumburg, Illinois

Career Education Corporation (CEC) is a private sector, global education company that focuses on quality, career-focused learning. CEC’s rapid growth prompted the need for a new corporate headquarters, but also the need to positively impact the culture of their organization. The objective was to utilize their new workplace as a way to connect employees with the students they serve while also enhancing relationships across internal departments. Kahler Slater designed several brand touchpoints throughout the headquarters to engage employees and elevate their tour experience.

“Kahler Slater’s process allowed them to quickly understand our goals and helped to establish the overriding vision from day one ... it became very clear that their thought-provoking methods were invaluable in drawing our creativity to the surface.”

Steven R. Miller, Vice President, Real Estate, Career Education Corporation

The Student is at the heart of everything CEC does. This backlit graphic illustrates this to employees and guests at the elevator lobby to the café.
Using a changeable tile system, CEC can display the breadth of the organization and easily keep the information current with simple paper inserts.
Several installations throughout the building were created to draw employees together and grow CEC’s organizational culture.
The primary view onto the executive floor displays a large image of mortarboards being tossed into the air. Projecting from this image are glass fins, which when viewed at an angled perspective, clearly state CEC’s objectives: educate and graduate.
The main entrance to CEC is a wall clad in graduate mortarboards.