Brand Building


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Irgens’ was seeking a signature space that would communicate their elevated market position, and contributions to the Milwaukee development community. There 16,000 square foot office is featured prominently off the 4th floor public lobby at 833 East. To communicate messages about the Irgens brand, Kahler Slater designed a series of environmental branding elements that work in concert with the interior design of the space. The key feature of the design is a large digital monolith that sits within the Irgens space and faces visitors arriving on the main floor of 833. A series of digital animations were designed to speak to Irgens’ vision, services, markets, available leases, development projects, portfolio and community impact.

Irgens wanted their space to honor the architecture of the building and provide an expansive view to Lake Michigan. The branding and signage designs carry a rich tone-on-tone aesthetic to match the minimal, airy interiors of this modern space.