Changing culture through workplace design

Mesirow Financial
Advanced Strategies

Chicago, Illinois

Mesirow Financial Advanced Strategies is a global manager of hedge fund portfolios. They wished to create a strong connection between their employees and the end beneficiaries of their work. To achieve this goal, they leveraged their workplace to transform their culture and tell their brand story. Kahler Slater created several large-format wall graphics that showcase images of teachers, police officers and nurses. While the Advance Strategies team does not have direct contact with these individuals, these images remind staff who ultimately benefits from their work. These images help leadership tell their unique brand story to prospective new talent as they tour through the space.

“We believe that connecting our staff emotionally to our end customers is critical to our business success. Our workplace is the key touchpoint to make this connection. We’re thrilled with Kahler Slater’s collaborative approach and the results that help us tell our story not only to our staff, but also to our clients and potential clients who tour our space.”

Greg Robbins, COO + SMD, Mesirow Financial Advanced Strategies

Large-format wall photography depicting beneficiary groups serve as a constant reminder to staff of the real lives affected by the financial decisions and performance of their team.