Milwaukee Downtown

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Adding a world-class hotel – replacing five deteriorating, outdated and severely underutilized buildings in a high-profile location – has had a tremendous impact on Milwaukee in many ways. Not only was it a gorgeous addition to the area, it has proven itself a catalyst by sparking immeasurable economic growth for downtown. Since its completion, Milwaukee has seen the addition of 4 subsequent hotel projects and 2 high-profile class-A office towers, and countless other developments have been proposed.

Kahler Slater was selected by Jackson Street Management to design this important hotel project, as well as help lead the project through the complex municipal approval process. Amidst great community attention and scrutiny, the design team developed a brilliant solution to please both the historic preservation community and contemporary business and economic proponents.

The design solution is an L-shaped hotel that wraps around a beautifully restored and renovated corner building. It preserves and recreates the original facades of 19th century buildings along Wisconsin Avenue, while a modern brick building rejuvenates the Milwaukee Street side. The final product gives nod to both the new and old, and created successful outcomes for both sides of a divided community.