Mayo Clinic Health System - La Crosse Campus Renewal, Bed Tower Addition with Family Birth Place

La Crosse, Wisconsin

With a promise of creating the most ideal birthing experience and quietest patient care environment, this project promotes positive birthing experience by emphasizing comfort, personalization, and privacy. Using the Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) delivery concept, the design employs a strategy that allows for flexibility between highly technical medical space and welcoming, tranquil recovery space within a single room. The home-like room accommodates a variety of birth experiences and natural pain management options such as nitrous oxide, birthing balls, tub with heated surface for comfort, shower, clear floor space for movement, position changes and handrails in the corridor. With special attention to privacy, the design provides both auditory and visual privacy through thoughtful details (including isolated headwalls and wall construction) and plan layouts. The adjacent Special Care Nursery provides private rooms with space and amenities for the family or infant’s caregiver. The same attention to comfort and privacy was applied to the staff spaces for their wellbeing. Estimated to be completed in Fall 2024.

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