Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital
Family Birth Center - Labor and Delivery

Huntley, Illinois

Safety, efficiency, and hospitality concepts were key drivers that shaped the Northwestern Medicine Huntley Family Birth Center design. Using evidence-based design and lean operational planning, the Birth Center optimizes adjacencies and workflows by co-locating all women’s and children’s services on a single floor. The Maternal and Fetal Medicine is located at the entry to the secure unit so perinatal specialists can safely serve antepartum patients while also serving outpatients. The antepartum rooms are sized as LDRs so mother can deliver in the same room. Triage is immediately adjacent to both Labor & Delivery area and the C-section suite. From either area, a newborn needing intensive care can quickly be transported to a private Neonatal Intensive Care suite. A parent sleeping area is provided in each room with three additional sleep rooms to accommodate families with the longest stays or adoptive family accommodations. For births without complications, mothers are transported to postpartum bedrooms immediately adjacent to the Labor and Delivery area and connected to the Family Lounge, Outdoor Balcony, Dining, and Retail. Staff and physician zones feature repeating support modules that include collaboration, consult zones, clinical support, and respite areas. The Family Birth Center offers special programs, including childbirth and infant care classes and birthing options to make delivery and stay memorable.

Powerful Results

Baby-Friendly Designated Birth Center
Safe Sleep Hospital Certified

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