Providing students with the best possible athletic experience

St. Norbert College
Donald J. Schneider Stadium

De Pere, Wisconsin

In order to meet their vision to provide student-athletes with the best possible experience, St. Norbert College partnered with Kahler Slater and Performa to design a new athletic stadium complex to house a track, field turf for football and soccer, and a fieldhouse. The previous stadium was built in 1937 and required significant investment to not only bring it up to current athletic standards, but also provide needed ADA access.

Built in a residential neighborhood, the fieldhouse blends seamlessly and provides a “park-like” atmosphere. Easier access to the new complex encourages students as well as surrounding residents to use the facilities. An artificial turf field and track with an all-weather surface allow the College to provide better quality playing fields. Innovative construction strategies and materials secured the design team’s ability to complete the project on time for the start of the football season.

The College and Athletics brand was also integrated into the architecture. Reflection spaces, a wall of history and tradition, as well as significant recognition of all donors, adorn the new outdoor athletic complex and provide the Green Knights with a place to build relationships that translate to success on the field.