Baker Tilly Celebrates Move to New Office

January 10, 2013


Baker Tilly, a full-service accounting and advisory firm, celebrated the opening of their new 68,000 square foot Milwaukee office in the US Bank Center. Kahler Slater was proud to celebrate the project's success with our client.

Kahler Slater's design team was challenged to create a space that achieved three key objectives. It needed to “wow” clients, potential clients and prospective employees without being “showy.” It needed to be a comfortable work environment that meets the needs of employees who work long hours during the tax and audit seasons. And it needed to use the space as efficiently as possible.

“We paid a lot of attention to the visitor experience, whether the visitor is a client, a potential client, an employee from another Baker Tilly office, or a prospective employee,” said Glenn Roby, team leader of Kahler Slater’s Business Environments team, of the Baker Tilly project. “We began by understanding who would be visiting and what Baker Tilly wants them to experience. That was the building block for delivering an environment that will help Baker Tilly continue to attract and retain clients and top talent.”

The design of the reception area, conference center and board room on US Bank Center’s 32nd floor maximizes the space’s stunning views of Lake Michigan, downtown Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Art Museum building. Visitors have an unobstructed view as they exit the elevators. Ceilings and floors were kept simple so as not to complete with the view. Renovation of the 33rd and 34th floors focused on creating a comfortable, user-friendly environment for employees. The central communicating stairway between the two floors was retained and made a showpiece.

“Our knowledge of the building and building codes allowed us to open it up and make it a dramatic connection between the two floors,” Roby said. “Its central position makes it as functional as it is good to look at.”

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