Kahler Slater Designs New Women’s Hockey Arena for the University of Wisconsin

May 20, 2010

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has chosen Kahler Slater Sports to design a hockey and swimming facility which will be an addition to the Kohl Center. This facility will serve as the home for the University of Wisconsin-Madison women’s hockey program and the practice home for the men’s hockey program. This facility will be the second women’s collegiate competition site in the country and will be designed to give the team a space to call home. In addition, this facility will provide an economic and time-saving advantage for the men’s program, allowing them to move practices back on campus. A bridge will connect the site to the men’s swimming practice facility and allow a locker room and training facility to be designed on the second floor. Students, alumni and fans will enjoy the open design of the arena and concourse which will allow for amazing views and convenient amenities for everyone.