Kahler Slater Presents “Embracing Flexibility & Resiliency at the Center of Design” at NCHEA Spring Seminar

March 23, 2021

Dave Sheedy, P.E. CDT Principal, Health Care Team Leader at Kahler Slater, had the opportunity to present at the NCHEA Spring Seminar in March 2021.

Bryan Health Merrick Medical Center is constructing a new replacement Critical Access Hospital (CAH) amid many rural health hospital closures throughout the country. Designed in the middle of a pandemic, the team explored the question, “as an essential business, what is essential to operate the business?”

Dave’s session, Embracing Flexibility & Resiliency at the Center of Design, discusses the project team’s alignment around a future vision, a new perspective on Critical Access Hospital care delivery, and how a flexible facility design can support an organization’s goals around improving population health in its community and more.

You can still view Dave’s and other presentations from NCHEA’s 2021 Virtual Spring Seminar until June 30, 2021. Visit https://nchea.memberlodge.com to learn more.