That’s a Wrap! A snapshot of BAMC & Kahler Slater’s Presentation at AHA’s 2016 Rural HC Conference

February 16, 2016

Baldwin Area Medical Center (BAMC) is changing the perception of its campus by integrating the total experience philosophy with their evolving wellness-focused model of care. Alison Page, MHA, MSN, Chief Executive Officer, Baldwin Area Medical Center, and Eric Mayne, AIA, RIBA, Associate Principal, Architect, Designer, Kahler Slater, teamed up at this year’s Rural Health Care Leadership Conference to share the steps BAMC is taking to evolve their campus into a successful wellness community, differentiating themselves in the marketplace and improving the health of their population; starting with their cornerstone project – a New Regional Wellness Center.

Leading with Wellness—A Critical Access Hospital Reimagined

The presentation began by giving a background of the challenges facing BAMC’s community, and rural health care in general. Because of these challenges, BAMC developed a new community vision rooted in health and wellness - “Imagine a healthier tomorrow” - and focused values of care, innovate and sustain to lead the vision into becoming a true Blue Zone.

The new vision expanded to think holistically about what a community focused on wellness would need. The first solution was to plan and design a new Regional Wellness Center, which serves as BAMC’s replacement hospital project and a cornerstone project for their new vision.

Using a total experience design philosophy, BAMC and Kahler Slater developed goals and design solutions for the new Regional Wellness Center:

1) Fully integrate health and wellness services into the facility

By fully integrating wellness services into the new facility design, BAMC now has a comprehensive solution for optimizing health and wellness in their community.

Solutions included: New wellness services (nutritional education, integrative therapies, behavioral health, etc); New rehab & fitness center; an integrated clinic environment

2) Improve the experience for staff and patients

Safety, access and wayfinding were leading drivers for improving the patient and staff experience in the new facility.

Solutions included: a healthy environment; operational efficiencies, including a new Central Hub; clear wayfinding; safety & security

3) Design a sustainable facility inspired by natural surroundings

BAMC has a strong mission to build a sustainable campus, both operationally and environmentally. The new Regional Wellness Center incorporated local construction materials; energy sources, including geothermal heating & cooling, and access to natural light; and a unique architectural style to sustain overtime.

The New Regional Wellness Center is currently under construction, and will be open in the Summer of 2016. BAMC has many plans for continuing the vision of their health and wellness campus, including strong focus on sustainability, local partnerships, evolving services, technology, regulatory framework and the continuum of care for patients long-term.

Kahler Slater is honored and privileged to have the opportunity to speak with Alison Page, CEO, Baldwin Area Medical Center, and share this unique transformation story.


Alison Page, MHA, MSN, Chief Executive Officer, Baldwin Area Medical Center, Baldwin, WI

Alison H. Page, MHA, MSN is the CEO of Baldwin Area Medical Center, an integrated ambulatory and inpatient medical center in western Wisconsin. Alison holds a Master of Healthcare Administration degree and a Master of Science degree, both from the University of Minnesota. Alison has been recognized nationally and locally for innovation and leadership throughout her career, receiving awards from the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety, the Minnesota Hospital Association, and the National Patient Safety Foundation. She has also been named a Leader in Business by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. She is now applying innovative strategies to the design and functionality of a new, integrated facility that will serve several communities in western Wisconsin. Alison’s passion is helping clinicians deliver the best care possible to patients…each patient…every day.

Eric Mayne, AIA, RIBA, Associate Principal, Architect, Designer, Kahler Slater, Milwaukee, WI

Eric Mayne, AIA, RIBA, is an associate principal at Kahler Slater and is a health care architect and designer who also has strong international experience. Eric spent 10 years working in London as a registered architect and member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and is also a registered architect in the United States. With over 15 years of experience, Eric brings his vast knowledge and breadth of design experience to his health care projects. In addition to leading the design of healthcare projects at Kahler Slater, Eric is the champion of Kahler Slater’s Health Care Team Ambulatory Care Design initiative. He recently had his article on ambulatory care design, “Building Design Supports New Ambulatory Care”, published on, and presented on the topic, “Designing a New Ambulatory Care Model: A Case Study look at Ambulatory Design Trends featuring UW Health – Yahara Clinic”, for the Center for Health Design ICONS & Innovators Webinar series.