The Opportunity Center Announces Plans for Inclusive Athletic Center

September 21, 2022

The Opportunity Center released design renderings for their new $80 million sports and athletic facility in Milwaukee. With a primary goal to make sports and fitness universal, inclusive, and adaptive to everyone, the new facility will focus on sports, education, mentorship, tutoring, and learning. The 300,000 square-foot facility will include classrooms, indoor basketball courts, a 300-meter running track, swimming pool, fitness center, and outdoor soccer fields and is designed to make programming accessible to those with physical and developmental disabilities.

“Franklin and I have both experienced the transformational impact that belonging to an athletic community can have on a child’s trajectory in life. We see a tremendous opportunity to replicate this experience for thousands of young people in our community that are facing tough odds, and we know it can inspire them to greatness too,” said Damian Buchman, The Ability Center Founder

Kahler Slater partnered with The Opportunity Center to develop initial test fit concepts.

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