The story of a baseball legend

Major League Baseball
Commissioner Emeritus Bud Selig

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After over twenty years at the helm of Major League Baseball, Allan “Bud” Selig transitioned to Commissioner Emeritus and relocated his office to 833 East Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not one for a quiet retirement, the Commissioner is as busy as ever and needed a new home base for his consulting, business and teaching work. The process of moving offices presented Mr. Selig and our design team with the opportunity to curate his impressive memorabilia collection and display it in his new lobby.

We worked with the Commissioner and his staff to document over 700 unique notes, artifacts and memorabilia from his lifetime in baseball. We organized the content into the following five categories:

  • Best of Bud (key highlights from his career)
  • Lifetime Fan (Bud’s personal memorabilia from his favorite players and events)
  • People Wall (photos of Presidents, celebrities, players and friends)
  • Across the League (awards, jerseys and gifts from all 30 teams)
  • Fine Art (paintings, drawings and sculpture)

This organizational strategy made storytelling easy, whether the space is experienced without a guide or narrated by the Commissioner himself. The overarching approach to the design was a warm aesthetic of neutral colors and deep tone woods, and an understated exhibition of artifacts in simple displays and original framing. To balance the composition, inspirational quotes from Mr. Selig’s favorite players are woven into the wallscape.

Powerful Results

The Commissioner’s iconic signature is emblazoned on every big-league baseball and the entry wall to his suite.
“This office is, if I must say so myself, remarkable. It’s fun just to walk around, even for me.”

Commissioner Emeritus Bud Selig

Key milestones in the Commissioner’s career is featured in the feature wall and his personal baseball memorabilia is on display on this large wall scape.

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