A sweet place to work

Mars Drinks

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Mars Drinks, a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, is redefining the corporate coffee experience. They are bringing the freshest, most sustainable coffee, tea and chocolate beverages to companies focused on building a strong culture. Mars Drinks utilized their own Pennsylvania-based workplace as a laboratory to test their beverage machines and build their own strong culture.

As a part of the headquarters refresh, Kahler Slater was brought in to help Mars Drinks tell their unique story in their evolving workspace. We created a feature ‘mug wall’ which emblazoned the iconic Mars logo on 300 coffee mugs and served as a focal piece for their social space. We created several installations printed on recycled plywood panels which spoke to the history of the Mars company and the ‘bean-to-cup’ beverage process. In addition, we communicated the core values of the Mars organization throughout the workplace to the many guests, customers and employees who visit the headquarters and Mars Drinks Academy.

The iconic Mars logo is displayed over nearly 300 mugs, symbolizing Mars moving into the beverage market.
Mars Drinks’ core idea is communicated clearly in their Drinks Academy.
The core values that have guided the Mars organization for many years sit as the only adornment in their board room.
The rich history of Mars Drinks is printed on sustainable plywood panels.