A new “brand tool” for the king of tools

Museum Experience

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Snap-on Incorporated partnered with Kahler Slater to design a museum experience that showcases the Snap-on story and help the firm celebrate their centennial anniversary. This new and valuable brand experience touchpoint engages with customers, associates, retirees and the community.

Through several workshops with long-tenured associates from the various business functions, we helped Snap-on cultivate stories, prioritize them, and then establish the overarching concept of the museum. The design solution enables diverse audiences with varying visit lengths to comprehend the nearly 100-year story. It displays a wide range of artifacts (from hand-held ratchets to a Model-T car) and allows for future growth. The design is intentionally minimal and straightforward, evoking the high quality and precision the company is known for while emphasizing Snap-on’s bold brand colors.

Powerful Results

International Merit Award
SEGD Global Design Awards, 2015