State-of-the-art cancer care delivers an integrated experience

Sentara Healthcare
Martha Jefferson Phillips Cancer Center

Charlottesville, Virginia

Kahler Slater planned and designed the new Phillips Cancer Center on the Sentara Martha Jefferson hospital campus, which features state-of-the-art radiation oncology and medical oncology infusion center with a chemo and infusion compounding pharmacy. High Density Radiation (HDR), CT Simulation and image recovery (wigs, prosthesis, specialty clothing and products) are also included in this 18,000-SF program. Retail spaces, complementary and alternative medicine services round out services provided for patients and families. Nearby clinical education and meeting rooms support both community and clinicians. Dedicated surface parking near the entry ease the travel for patients who are visiting frequently for treatment.

Built as an outpatient occupancy in an attached medical office building, this program connects direct to the new 176 bed Sentara Martha Jefferson replacement hospital at the entry level, giving patients and families access to the services and amenities of the main hospital, including Martha’s Garden dining and Greenberry’s Coffee Co., as well as the beautiful gardens and grounds of the hospital.

Kahler Slater also previously worked with Martha Jefferson Hospital on the patient-centered design of a new Outpatient Care Center nearby on the same campus. This facility houses mammography; bone densitometry; resource center and private physicians’ offices. A full complement of ambulatory surgery and imaging services within the Outpatient Care Center allows patients that need biopsies to accomplish this procedure in the most positive experience possible, completing the integrated, coordinated diagnostic and treatment offerings.

Powerful Results

“The Kahler Slater team understands the effect of design on the individual, especially in a health care setting where stress and anxiety are typical responses. Their design work reflects our common belief that when individuals feel most vulnerable is when they are in the greatest need of personal care and a sense of security and privacy. We are very pleased with the results we have achieved with our expert collaborators from Kahler Slater. Our patients and visitors have experienced the difference, and we are delighted.”

James Haden, Former President and CEO, Martha Jefferson Hospital

“Yesterday I decided to take a little stroll down to our lake on my way home from work. In that 20 minutes, I identified 7 different species of large-winged butterflies, a dozen small ones, several different birds, a beautiful clearwing hummingbird moth and numerous dragonflies. We have created not just a park, but a nature refuge! What a perfect healing environment!”

Faye Satterly, Director, Oncology Services, Martha Jefferson Hospital