The world’s tallest dedicated cancer treatment facility

National Cancer Centre Singapore


Cancer is the leading cause of death in Singapore and soon cancer patients will have access to one of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy when the new National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) opens in 2022. Kahler Slater’s team are the international designers, medical planners, logistics consultants in partnership with local architect CIAP Architects Pte Ltd. for the National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS) which will serve patients throughout Asia with world-class oncological care. The 1.2 million square foot, 28 level building will be the world’s tallest dedicated cancer treatment facility.

Kahler Slater partnered with the NCCS Division of Surgical Oncology and Division of Oncological Imaging to design an entirely new integrated workflow based on a shared Surgical Interventional Procedural Centre. Our healthcare experts mapped out an ideal patient journey that allows all procedural patients to be scheduled, registered, received, prepared for and receive treatment and then recover with a single surgical planning and scheduling software system.

Further, the clinical, research and education facilities are each organized according to the type of cancer/site, such as the head and neck, blood, and lung - which will help to improve operational efficiencies for staff.

The NCCS project includes the most advanced oncology treatment technologies available:

  • 1 fixed beam proton therapy treatment room
  • 17 linear accelerators
  • Pet-CT, Pet-MRI, CT, MRI, synchrotron and cyclotron imaging with hot cell technology.
  • 4 treatment rooms in the Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre, to provide a new form of radiation therapy that precisely targets and destroys cancer cells, minimizing the damage to healthy tissues.