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St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
Major Hospital Expansion

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, a 158-bed facility providing comprehensive 24-hour coverage in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Emergency, Behavioral Health and Family Medicine is a compassionate organization that values patient-centered care and a healing environment with a goal of delivering an excellent patient care experience. The ‘Great Expansion’ is the single largest investment the organization has made since the main hospital was built in 1954.

Kahler Slater worked with leadership and users to assist in updating the hospital’s existing campus master plan to ensure they are best prepared for future growth on their tight urban site. Kahler Slater partnered with the Toronto architectural firm Montgomery-Sisam on this Ministry of Health-approved Redevelopment Project that includes a complete replacement of the hospital's ED, Surgery and Central Processing departments plus a new 17-bed Mental Health unit. Emphasis was placed on improving both patient experience and staff efficiencies by refining adjacencies and minimizing footsteps. Kahler Slater’s team led staff through a process to develop a functional and clinical design for the project while focusing on unifying the addition with the existing facility to improve wayfinding for public and staff flows.

The new development capitalizes on recent operational improvement work that greatly improved Emergency Department wait times and workflow. The design includes a “front of house” entrance for patients arriving for Emergency, Surgical Services and outpatient Behavioral Health, separating the experience from the emergency vehicle entrance, which were previously combined. Back of house and front of house spaces ensure patient dignity, privacy and comfort within the facility. Planning also includes anticipation of future connections and expansions for a full campus redevelopment. The project brings a strong impact to the organization and community by encouraging a strong collaboration between the two.

Powerful Results

“I’m very thankful for the talented and wonderful architectural team leading our redevelopment projects! On behalf of everyone at STEGH, I would like to THANK YOU for your diligent work and effort -- individually, and as a TEAM!”

John Bod, Redevelopment Project Manager, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital